Research: The Innovator’s Dilemma

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For my final WISE research book, I ended my previous trend of reading novels and instead read The Innovator’s Dilemma, by Clayton M. Christensen. I was introduced to the book at the seminar I attended at Stanford Business School earlier this semester when one of the panelists talked about the book in his presentation. The Innovator’s Dilemma is very different from the other two books I read—it was written specifically for a business audience and is full of graphs and technical terms. Accordingly, it wasn’t as captivating to read as a novel, but still very interesting and relevant to my WISE project. Continue reading

In the New Office

Smule opened a new office in San Francisco today, a block away from their previous office. It’s enormous! It was the first day there, so there were deliveries coming in all afternoon, and lots of unassembled chairs and desks.

I had a meeting scheduled with Anthony, Jeannie, and Shae at 3:00 to discuss next week’s user test at the Pinewood School in Los Altos. Apparently, a fourth grader named Eliot came in to do testing at Smule and liked it so much that he started an “App Lab” at his elementary school to do the same sort of testing with his peers. Anthony is putting me in charge of running the entire test—I’m excited to be given this responsibility, but it also makes me a little nervous. We’ll be testing three apps that are still in the development stage, and I haven’t had been able to see any of them yet, so it’s hard for me to write up testing questions. After our meeting, which only lasted around 10 minutes, I sat down and began outlining the process for the test. It’s going to be 90 minutes with six fourth and fifth graders and three apps.  Continue reading

Research Book II: Foundation

Summarize the key ideas from the second book you have read. Quote the book and explain how these ideas have influenced your perceptions and feelings about your WISE topic and your WISE experience in general. Compare and contrast the ideas in the book with your own experiences and with other research you have done. Speculate on the new directions this research might lead you. 

For my second research book, I decided to read Foundation, the first book in Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction trilogy, because the Mule, a main character in the trilogy, is the namesake of Smule (Sonicmule). Unfortunately, as I discovered, the Mule doesn’t actually enter the story until part way through the second book of the series, Foundation and Empire, so I ended up reading that book as well. As such, this entry is based on both of these books. Continue reading

Third Quarter Evaluation

Evaluate your progress as of the end of the third quarter. Critique all of the following: 3rd space efforts, journal writing, research, and WISE relationships on and off campus. Reflect on your progress. Are you achieving, surpassing, or falling short of your original goals? Why? What have your mentor, teacher, and peers said regarding your progress? Should you stay the course, alter your route, or abandon ship? Continue reading