Peer Evaluation

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the WISE journals you read during the recent peer evaluation. Be sure to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your own journal. Be specific. Select 2-3 qualities and characteristics that you could emulate in your own journal. Reflect on the experience of sharing your journal with fellow WISE students. Copy comments from your mentor, teacher, and peers that were helpful, honest, and accurate. Compare your experiences, research, and journal to those of your classmates. What did you learn?

For the peer evaluation, I read Alicia’s journal about photography and scuba diving, and Janelle’s journal about working at the Marine Mammal Center. I could relate to both of them because, like me, each of them got a bit of a late start on their project. Janelle, especially, didn’t find out whether or not she had been accepted into her volunteer program until after second semester had already started. Alicia’s journal was handwritten, which added a nice personal touch. Writing my journal by hand would be a horrible idea since my handwriting is terrible, but I do like the personality of it and I would like to try to make my journal more personal in other ways. Janelle’s journal included a lot of relevant visuals, which I really liked. Hopefully, moving my journal online will make it easier to include pictures and especially videos as I continue with my project. Both Janelle and Alicia did a good job describing their projects and experiences, which is something that should get easier for me now that I’ve officially begun working with Smule. It was exciting and interesting to hear all of the unique experiences that my peers are enjoying (or not enjoying, in some cases) and it’s reassuring that we are all having some of the same difficulties. Since I can’t include the physical rubrics online, here are the comments that Alicia and Janelle wrote about my journal:


  • Does your dad/mom know Mr. Smith?
  • Good introduction
  • Interview sounds intimidating!
  • It would be nice if you explained a bit about your goals. Why those? How do you aim to achieve them?
  • Yay! Honesty!
  • Maybe relate Atlas Shrugged more to yourself
  • Smule sounds like a great place to be… very important-sounding with Stanford grads and what-not
  • Shae meeting must have been weird, so close
  • Are you nervous to be in charge of such a big production?
  • I know your are just starting at Smule: it will be interesting to read more about your interactions and experiences there.
  • I think because you are basically just starting its hard to get a sense of questions, issues, setbacks, etc. that will come up. It will be interesting to see what does.


  • Smule? Oh, your WISE 3rd space
  • Exciting! phone interview and new opportunities
    • your interview was much more in depth than mine was at the MMC
  • Palo Alto is a long ways away—how long does it take for the commute? Do you drive?
  • Is Smule directly related to Stanford?
  • I see that you will be doing more than just testing the product yourself… Is this what you were expecting?
  • “I Am T-Pain”—funny!
  • All of the apps seem very interesting, it would be fun to try them out
  • “The World”—amazing! I would have never thought of an app like that
  • I like the clear and concise writing that you have formulated. Very easy to read through.
  • Maybe some more reflection? I saw some when you did your research prompt, but not much other than that.
  • I liked reading your journal. It’s at topic completely unrelated to mine, and it’s a nice change of reading
  • I would love to see more visuals
Going digital…
Partly as a result of this peer evaluation, I decided that my WISE journal would work better as a blog than as a physical journal. Since my WISE project involves working with digital content, it will be easier to share my experiences this way. I have posted all of the entries from my physical journal and modified the dates so they appear in chronological order. I have also transcribed the comments that my advisers had written.
686 words

2 thoughts on “Peer Evaluation

  1. Your transition to the blog took time and energy, but it was worth it. You should show iyur blog to Alicia and Janelle and see if they agree that it is the way to go. As for their responses to the content of your journal, it is clear they saw your strengths. Congrats. Like me, they also crave a bit more reflection so they can understand the depth of your thinking regarding your work with Smule. Revisit some of their questions to help jump start our reflection.

  2. I love the format of this online journal! It is aesthetically beautiful and allows you to embed photos and videos. As you know, in the past, I’ve encouraged my mentees to print a paper journal in a binder because I like to write comments in the margin and to read the comments of the other readers. Similarly, when I evaluate a WISE project, I want to read the dialogue. This blog provides the opportunity for an interactive journal — which is so exciting! I think more and more of the WISE guys should utilize this format.

    Be sure to check with Smule to ensure that you are not violating company confidentiality by putting information online.

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